Our Cuisine has an enormous variety of mouth-watering vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian dishes. We offer you a vast assortment of traditional Punjabi food and a fabulous friendly environment. Enjoy your visit with us as our wide range of dishes, comprised of quality ingredients and good combination of spices, entice your tastebuds and please don’t hesitate to make a special request. We provide a fresh and exciting flavour of North-Indian food. We offer various clients an extensive assortment of dinner selection ranging from the conventional to the novel in an appealing environment with welcoming staff. As our dishes consist of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian items, we take paramount care to isolate them so that our clients can relish their meals with no worries. Enjoy our Gluten free curries in Brisbane.
We serve our valued customer genuine Indian cuisine with reasonable price and best quality food. The restaurant has long been a destination choice for Indian food lovers. It has always strived to provide an Indian dining experience that is unmatched. Specializing in North Indian Cuisine, Flavours of Punjab is famous for their authentic curry, tandoori dishes, seafood, and fresh naans. The food quality has only been achievable by adhering to a policy of only employing five-star chefs. We also provide Vegan/ vegetarian meals in Brisbane. 
Flavours of Punjab is recognized by its sophisticated and subtle use of many spices and herbs. Each cuisine is known by a wide assortment of dishes and cooking techniques. These spices, assortments, and cooking techniques are just perfect to enhance the flavor of a dish and create unique flavors and aromas. Traditional Punjabi cooking techniques using fresh authentic ingredients with the modern demands of no ghee but Vegetable oils to the minimum, by our top chef’s has given us a fine balance between ‘ A taste to remember’ and ‘Healthful cooking’..